The Signal Corps
of the
Civil War Signal Flag and Torch
Informaton, Instructions
Information about the Equipment
Technology and Persons
Led that Civil War Technology
Major Myer's Manual of Signals
Items from the Signal Corps Museum
Fort Gordon, Georgia.

Civil War Signal Corps flag and torch kit
Here is a static display of some
of the equipment
included in a signal kit.

Close up view of some of the contents of a kit.

Wide View
Wider view showing canvas carrying bags and torches.

Civil War Signal Kit
Myer manual signal kit contents.

Civil War Signal Corps equipment bag
Equipment bag assembly
How did we get all those things in that little bag?

Flag/Torch Kit Assembly

Shows how to roll up the torches and insert the flags and torches in to the canvas carrying bag.

Signal Corps of the Civil War information.

This Signal Corps of the Civil War index
constantly updated here.

Includes links to the Beardslee Telegraph, Civil War Signal Corps events
and the
United States Military Telegraph of the Civil War;
Highlighting the technology used in the American Civil War.

Major Albert Myer:Signal Corps of the Civil War
Myer's short Signal Manual

Paperback,circa. January 1864
Completed at Cairo
published by Simeon White
This short paperback manual was the OUTLINE
for the 1866-1879 manuals.
It was hastily published following
his dismissal
A great deal of material
was left out of this volume due
to the constraints of time and economy
Myer worked on his manual in 1864 and 1865
fleshing out the outline form of the 1864 version.
As such, the 1864 version is not definitive;
but it is useful
as a general field manual
Spanish American War signal corps flags
When are Two Flags Needed?
 1861 Civil War Signal Corps Patch?
What is this patch?

Also, a Federal patch photographed by Ted Wagner from the Martin Miller collection.

A butternut patch from the OVCWA

collection now in the Signal Corps Museum
Civil War Signal Corp connections
Pretty darn good
Signal and Telegraph
Signal Service document
Was it Signal Corps
Signal Service or both? The Ordinance folks said "Signal Service"
Signal Corps of the Civil War insignia
When was the torch made
part of the insignia? Envelopes from 1863 and 1864 from OVCWA collection now in
the Signal Corps Museum
Beardslee Telegraph links
Replica Beardslees
and an
original at the Signal Corps Museum
Original Signal Corps equipment
An original Signal Kit (Thanks, Signal Corps Museum)
Signal Kit
Signal Kit Contents
and Signal Site Inventory
Civil War Signal flag: General Lee surrender
Signal flag at Ft. Gordon.
From Myer estate
said to have been used
to signal Lee's surrender.
Civil War Technology and equipment
Additional Equipment
telescopes and more.
Major Myer, commander of the Signal Corps
Myer Circa 1857--Signal Corps Museum

Myer's Colt rifle shown in above photograph

Myer's Colt rifle shown in above photograph--barrel close-up
 Signal Corps bible
Myer's Bible
(Signal Corps Museum)
Major Myer (Civil War Signal Corps) diary
Myer's Diary
(Signal Corps Museum)
signal corps commander diary
Myer's Diary
(Signal Corps Museum)
Signal Corps museum: picket lantern
Picket signal lantern
(Signal Corps Museum)
Signal Corp signal lantern
Picket signal lantern
(Signal Corps Museum)
Signal Corps commander bible
Lock of hair in Bible
possibly Major Myer's Wife's (Kate)
(Signal Corps Museum)
Major Myer signature
Myer's Signature
(Signal Corps Museum)
Catton telegraph:Signal Corp Museum
Plum's Pocket Telegraph (Catton Instrument)
(Signal Corps Museum)
Signal Corps medal-Civil War
Awarded to PVT. Harry W. Gardner
Signal Corps U.S.A
(Signal Corps Museum)
Major Myer Signal Corps telescope
Major Myer's Telescope
(Signal Corps Museum)
Signal Corps Museum: Telescope
Major Myer's Telescope
(Signal Corps Museum)
Signal Corps telescope of the Civil War
Major Myer's Telescope
(Signal Corps Museum)
 Signal Corps-Myer telescope
Major Myer's Telescope
(Signal Corps Museum)
Major Myer Signal Corps telescope
Major Myer's Telescope
(Signal Corps Museum)
Signal Corps Museum; Myer signal telescope
Major Myer's Telescope
(Signal Corps Museum)
Signal Corps museum;Major Myer's telescope
Major Myer's Telescope
(Signal Corps Museum)
Signal Corps telegraph builder
Who was Conrad Poppenhusen?
Just the man who built the Beardslee Telegraph!
Civil War Signal Corps at Stones River
Signal Corps at Stones River

Signal Field Telegraph at Chickamauga
Civil War Signal Corps code wheels
Myer end of war patent
for code wheels
Civil War Signal Officer: Lieutenant Jermome
Lieutenant Jerome
at Antietam (LARGE FILE)

for Living History

Morning Report Form
Potomac Countersigns Form
Signal Dept of Potomac
Signal Dept of Washington
Form 13--Hand Receipt for Signal
Stutter Codes for Morse, flag, torch or Beardslee

David W. Gaddy's
Signal Telescope article

An excellent look at the
telescopes used during the war.

Signal Corp
The Boy Spy

A description of the Beardslee,
and a view of the Signal Corps and
the "battle" between the Corps
and the USMT brass.

David W. Gaddy's
Civil War Signal Corps telescope

View One
View two
View three
View four
View five


civil war telegraph

If you are interested in the evolution
of the telegraph, do not miss this growing
depository of Telegraph Patents
from Dave Harbin's files.

Cipher Disks
PDF Format

Make Your

Dot Alphabet
flag practice

Get a TP tube
look through it
for telescope
Use two if you use Marine Glasses
Signal Corps manual-1864
Myer's 1864 Signal Circular
very good explaination of how
a signal team is used
first Joint Army/Navy code
Material included in the 1866 manual.

Myer's 1877 Manual of Signals
'Work in progress'
535 pages
Brown's primary source

According to Paul J. Scheips, Phd,
Myer's principle biographer,
the 1866 manual was based on actual
field use and notes Myer
made during the war
but could not be
published until the termination of the war.
He also states that the 1877 volume
was changed only by the addition
of fixed telegraph and heliograph.
The 1879 edition included the telephone.

What was the

insulated wire

beardslee civil war telegraph

used by the
Signal Telegraph?

Signal patents for pyrotechnic signals

G. A. Lillendahl
Pyrotechnic Signal Patent--April 5, 1859

B. F. Coston
Pyrotechnic Night Signal Patent--April 5, 1859

Edge and Hyde
Pyrotechnic Signal Patent--April 29, 1862

G. H. Felt
Signal Rocket Patent--August 25, 1863

J. J. Detwiller
Signal Rocket Patent--December 18, 1866

1913 reunion at Kennesaw Mountain
Note the telescope mounting
marine glasses
Telescope now in
Manassas Museum

Courtesy of the Signal Corps Museum
Signal Corps site
Fixed Signal Corps station
1910 Signal Corps flag in use
Circa 1910 Signal postcard.

Note the flag has a full sleeve
Note the use of only two poles per the field kit issue.
Not Civil War, but nice comparison.

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Civil War Signal Corps Technology training
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